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Why do I need International Travel Insurance?

In your current U.S. passport it states: "HEALTH INSURANCE. Persons considering foreign travel should determine what health insurance coverage, if any, they have while outside the United States. Medicare does not cover health care costs outside the United States except under limited circumstance in Canada and Mexico." Hospitals overseas often require full payment before discharge.

Even if your existing medical insurance does cover you abroad:

  • Who will notify your family?
  • Who will assist you, or your family, in making necessary arrangements with the hospital?
  • Who will arrange to refill the prescription you left at home?
  • Does it include medical evacuation or the repatriation of your remains in case of death?

They are just a toll-free (or collect) telephone call from anywhere in the world. The assistance advisors are immediately available to you in your time of urgent need. They will also assist with:

  • directing you to western trained, English speaking physicians;
  • arranging direct payment of covered expenses by the insurance company instead of you making the payment and then filing for reimbursement when you return home;
  • replacing important, lost documents such as a passport, or credit cards;
  • arranging local, legal representation in case of an auto accident or traffic violation;
  • the transmission of urgent messages to your family back home in an emergency.

Our worldwide assistance centers will!