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Information for Agents

Wallach & Company wishes to give you full credit for referring customers to our web site. This page shows you how to ensure that you obtain full credit for your customers.

Step 1

Obtain an "Agent ID" from Wallach & Company

Please call Wallach & Company at 1-800-237-6615 to obtain your Agent ID if you do not already have one. Your Agent ID allows us to credit you with sales generated from linking your website to ours.

Step 2

Update your website to utilize your "Agent ID"

Please follow the directions shown below when updating your site.

In order to assist your customers and place them on the correct brochure/application at wallach.com, we have provided four separate entrance pages to the site. Each of these pages collects the "Agent ID" that is passed, redirects the user to the correct brochure/application page, and inserts the "Agent ID" on the form presented to the user. The "Agent ID" is collected when the user submits their application to Wallach & Company.

You may use a simple text link, or use the appropriate image on your web site to connect the user to wallach.com. Sample HTML code is displayed beneath each type of link. Simply copy the sample code and paste it into your web page. Be sure to modify the "Agent ID" number (0000 in the example) to your "Agent ID" number.

Step 3

Test your website

Test your site, and verify that your "Agent ID" appears on the application form. Wallach.com will take care of everything else!

HealthCare Abroad

Text link: HealthCare Abroad

<a href="https://wallach.com/secure/application.php?policyName=Abroad&AgentID=0000#app" target="_wallach">HealthCare Abroad</a>

Image link: HealthCare Abroad

<a href="https://wallach.com/secure/application.php?policyName=Abroad&AgentID=0000#app"><img height="86" width="88" src="http://wallach.com/images/agents-buttons/agents-button-abroad.png" border="0" alt="HealthCare Abroad"></a>

HealthCare Global

Text link: HealthCare Global

<a href="https://wallach.com/secure/application.php?policyName=Global&AgentID=0000#app" target="_wallach">HealthCare Global</a>

Image link: HealthCare Global

<a href="https://wallach.com/secure/application.php?policyName=Global&AgentID=0000#app"><img height="86" width="88" src="http://wallach.com/images/agents-buttons/agents-button-global.png" border="0" alt="HealthCare Global"></a>

HealthCare America

Text link: HealthCare America

<a href="https://wallach.com/secure/application.php?policyName=America&AgentID=0000#app" target="_wallach">HealthCare America</a>

Image link: HealthCare America

<a href="https://wallach.com/secure/application.php?policyName=America&AgentID=0000#app"><img height="86" width="88" src="http://wallach.com/images/agents-buttons/agents-button-america.png" border="0" alt="HealthCare America"></a>

HealthCare International

Text link: HealthCare International

<a href="https://wallach.com/secure/application.php?policyName=International&AgentID=0000#app" target="_wallach">HealthCare International</a>

Image link: HealthCare International

<a href="https://wallach.com/secure/application.php?policyName=International&AgentID=0000#app"><img height="86" width="88" src="http://wallach.com/images/agents-buttons/agents-button-international.png" border="0" alt="HealthCare International"></a>

wallach.com—Any Policy

Text link: Wallach & Company

<a href="https://wallach.com/secure/index.php?AgentID=0000" target="_wallach">Wallach & Company</a>

Image link: HealthCare International

<a href="https://wallach.com/secure/index.php?AgentID=0000" target="_wallach"><img height="70" width="188" src="http://wallach.com/images/wallach_logo.png" border="0" alt="Wallach & Company"></a>